Social [sōs̸həl]

noun:  an informal gathering of people for recreation or amusement; party

Our Story...

Chef owner Nate Leonard has been sharing and sharpening his culinary skills in a variety of settings, from big cities to suburbs to farm restaurants and beach towns.  Credited for leading Nate on his journey to the opening of 208 Social is the Striped Bass and Pasion of Philadelphia, Gilt of New York, and most recently Bolete of Bethlehem, PA.  It has been Nate's goal to open a restaurant where he could showcase a blend of all the things he loves most about the settings in which he has worked.  

Nate and Lisa were married in 2012 on a pier on the Delaware Bay.  The two loved to spend time here, both during the on and off season and it was only a matter of time that they focused on getting their lives shifted here. 

.....and so 208 Social is born!

Lisa has often been asked if she too is in the restaurant industry and the answer has always been "no".  She is a Nurse Practitioner and has held roles in healthcare for over 17 years.  Similarly, Nate and Lisa have devoted their time to ensuring that others are cared for.  This is the motive behind their vision for 208 Social. 

The experience at 208 Social should be warm and welcoming where the guests and staff intermingle and feel at home.  While the dishes are familiar and comforting, you will find a creative and intriguing spin on them... but always something to fit what you're looking for.  This is a place where you can arrive right off of the beach or dressed for a night out on the town.

Either way 208 Social is glad to have you and looks forward to your return!